Save-O-Meter - Total saved: $49,076,655

The "Save-O-Meter" is here so we can all enter our individual results and combine them. It is exciting!! As the total climbs we will all be able to say, "Look at that number. I had a part in that. I made a difference!"

How much money have we saved together? Enter your saving successes below to add them to the total.

First look at the habits you have changed since joining SS. What were some of the bad things you used to do that wasted a lot of money? Pick up a pen and notebook and start by writing a list of some of these bad habits that you used to do and no longer do since discovering Simple Savings. Then work out the things you are now doing instead. What is the new habit you have replaced it with?

Eg: Stopping buying processed food at the supermarket and making food from scratch.

Once you have gone through and written down the things you used to do before Simple Savings then go and try and figure out how much you used to spend per week on each of these items and how much you are now spending. When you have worked out a dollar value for all these things. Enter them by clicking 'Add Yours' below.

New Habits

Old Habit Amount New Habit Amount Frequency Saving
Telstra handset contract expired $15 Keep existing phone -- monthly since Aug 2015 $9
Telstra contract expired $60 Changed to boost $20 monthly since Aug 2015 $24
Not having direct debit on electricity account $20 Signed up for direct debit -- yearly since Aug 2015 $2
Buying petrol without considering cost $44 watch petrol prices keep full tank when low $38 monthly since Jul 2015 $8
lunch $25 make lunch $10 weekly since Jul 2015 $123
Shopping at only Coles $300 Shopping at Aldi & Costco $100 monthly since Jun 2015 $582
Buying paper towel $12 using tea towels/washable Chux $1 weekly since Jun 2015 $139
DH Smoking $68 None $0 weekly since Jun 2015 $857

One-off Savings

Description Saving
Made Father's Day gift $25
No tutoring needed term 4 $250
Deferred Scouts a term $90
Recieved gift of SS membership $49
Banked our tax return in ING $6,500
Shane went fishing and brought home dinner (bream) $7
picked passionfruit off vine and ate oranges that friend gave me $4
Redeemed flybuys points for flybuy dollars - to be used for petrol $30
Estimated interest saved be paying CC out from HL redraw $700
I returned 2 pairs of tights for refund and they refunded original price rather then the discount $4
Free one month extension to Ancestry subscription $18
Further deduction found by acct on tax return $52
Used tax pocket book to lodge tax return rather than previous accountant $71
FB $ (24/6/15) $10
E Gift card - Rewards Central (30/6/15) $10
Coles/Myer G/C from My Survey (29/6/15) $20
Eftpos card from Homescan (26/6/15) $50
Morning tea provided for my birthday (25/6/15) $6
Dog chew samples from Pinch Me (22/6/15) $1
petrol disc (21/6/15) $2
Mums Coles disc (20/6/15) $8
Samples from Beauty Heaven (19/6/15) $5
Paypal deposit from Brandhook Surveys (17/6/15) $20
JB Hifi - Nine Rewards (15/6/15) $20
Pet Care 2000 discounts & reward (13/6/15) $41
Free cashews - Coles scanned incorrectly (7/6/15) $9
Free grapes from neighbour (6/6/15) $5
6 free oranges from work colleague (5/6/15) $2
Free ticket to Balmain Sinphonia -Steph (31/5/15) $25
G/Card - Everyday Rewards (29/5/15) $5
Found coin (27/5/15) $0
Found coin (22/5/15) $1
PP Surveys (21/5/15) $25
E Gift card - My Opinions (20/5/15) $20
FB$ (20/5/15) $10
voucher on meal $15
sale on haircut $50
resist impluse buy pillow cases $27
buying op-shop winter clothes $60
Earned $640 from various survey sites up to 20.6.15 $640
Paid gas bill early to receive discount $8
Changed private health insurers $700