Save-O-Meter - Total saved: $39,254,831

The "Save-O-Meter" is here so we can all enter our individual results and combine them. It is exciting!! As the total climbs we will all be able to say, "Look at that number. I had a part in that. I made a difference!"

How much money have we saved together? Enter your saving successes below to add them to the total.

First look at the habits you have changed since joining SS. What were some of the bad things you used to do that wasted a lot of money? Pick up a pen and notebook and start by writing a list of some of these bad habits that you used to do and no longer do since discovering Simple Savings. Then work out the things you are now doing instead. What is the new habit you have replaced it with?

Eg: Stopping buying processed food at the supermarket and making food from scratch.

Once you have gone through and written down the things you used to do before Simple Savings then go and try and figure out how much you used to spend per week on each of these items and how much you are now spending. When you have worked out a dollar value for all these things. Enter them by clicking 'Add Yours' below.

New Habits

Old Habit Amount New Habit Amount Frequency Saving
Gym Membership $48 Cancel Membership -- monthly since Apr 2014 $3
Ancestry Membership $25 Cancelled Membership -- monthly since Apr 2014 $2
Shopping for no reason $150 Shop fortnightly $25 weekly since Mar 2014 $477
ella bache face products $800 aldi and organic care face products $84 yearly since Mar 2014 $63
scared to change phone plan $49 month to month phone plan $25 monthly since Mar 2014 $26
Canteen Lunch $5 Pack Lunch -- weekly since Mar 2014 $26
Smoking $80 Patches $17 weekly since Mar 2014 $359
foxtel $78 ice tv $9 monthly since Mar 2014 $93
Swimming lessons $100 Government lessons $7 monthly since Mar 2014 $125
Canteen treats $2 kid pays with pocket money -- weekly since Mar 2014 $12
Private school fees $10,000 Public school $600 yearly since Mar 2014 $1,053
Daily paper $35 0 -- monthly since Mar 2014 $47
pay casual aqua $7 pay blocks $5 monthly since Mar 2014 $3
phone internet $140 reveiwed plans $110 monthly since Mar 2014 $46
Buying coffee $25 Nescafe sachets $5 weekly since Feb 2014 $144
New World Milk $18 Farmers Gate Milk $17 weekly since Feb 2014 $8
Old Internet provider $124 New Internet Provider $79 monthly since Feb 2014 $84

One-off Savings

Description Saving
Packed Lunch $15
Dinner at mums $20
Packed Lunch $15
Small Change Bank Transfer $1
Bought medium size bread rolls for $2 instead of large size for $3 $1
Bought frypan for $10.50 on special instead of $16.50 $6
Mandarins scanned at $4 instead of $5 $1
Bought 2kg bag of potatoes for $4 to share with friend $2
Saved $34.34 on gas bill by providing DSP card and receiving 12 months’ worth of concessions $35
Removed pregnancy products from GMHBA policy $70
Saved on GMHBA health insurance by having 5% discount from being with Care Super, and 2% discount for direct debit $180
I was going to purchase jars for bon bonnairres at our wedding, but now have friends collecting baby food jars for me. $140
Cancelled foxtel, bought a PVR $864
magazine subscription $40
got long term boarder $3,500
DS ame home to live $1,500
car insurance $350
car hire and petrol saving $70
free airflight as carer $540
10% of my toal income over two months plus loose change and any other little bits! $651
traded 2nd hand school books $85
Bought a $6.29 revlon hair color instead of going to the salon $145
Cancelling our credit card we don't use $65
Swap N Shop at Lorna Jane $15
purchased 2nd hand wool $120
mums coles disc (8/2/14) $10
Won $20 & free ticket on lottery (7/2/14) $22
IGA reward (7/2/14) $5
Used $50 ppvisa & $20 giftcard from Surveys (6/2/14) $70
Beef herbs - Pinch Me (6/2/14) $1
BAndaid sample (5/2/14) $1
Hoyts giftcard - Survey Village (5/2/14) $30
lamb herbs - Pinch Me (4/2/14) $1